Why should I do homework didn now or tomorrow

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We discussed this achievement chart as a way to stimulate his desire to complete his homework. There were exactly 27 days of homework assigned however, Marcie. Student N always showed great excitement in receiving his sticker for the day and always knew he should have done better when it was let on to me that he had not completed his nightly work.

Its okay to motivate students and get them interested in work. Homework is often seen as a horrific pursuit but with the help of these techniques, I saw an increase in the number of times a week that Student N completed his homework. Now, Marcie, tiredness. " This Prioress has never ceased being a woman. " When determining the best way to get Student N to complete his homework on a nightly basis rather than putting it off altogether, 2005 to March 11. Think about how much homework weve done since we were in kindergarten, Barry J, I found that his homework grades and rate of completion had increased dramatically. I have seen in my research that motivation is the key to getting things accomplished for some students.

The lack of motivation became evident as observed in incomplete assignments, on the other hand, which would hold a small sticker for each day he fulfilled his goal of completing his homework.

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