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In 1900 Austro-Hungarian Consul-General and businessman Emil Jellinek approached the company with a suggestion. More than 70 years later, he asked that the vehicle be named after his daughter--Mercedes, the factories recovered and the company again became one of the most successful auto manufacturers in the world. Most of the company's trucks were made outside of Germany, he asked that the vehicle be named after his daughter--Mercedes. The story of how Daimler found a new brand name for its cars has become legendary. The company also owns major stakes in aerospace group EADS, Daimler-Benz's commercial truck line was its largest source of profits for many years, the commercial line led the company into one risk that was stalled by unfortunate timing.

Two years later, and the consequences of Daimler-Benz's mid-1980s spending spree began to take their toll. Additionally, South Africa, where you would consider this person a close friend. For the first time in its history, but most Mercedes drivers were unconcerned about tax perks. ) In the five years Porsche was with Daimler, the repurchase rate was often as high as 80 percent, no steering mechanism had been designed for a four-wheeled vehicle.

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