How do Proctors and Parriss beliefs about authority differ in Arthur Millers The Crucible?

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Arthur Miller's The Crucible: A Defense for His Communist Friends Essay

In any case, he knows Abigail did this and now wants revenge on her! The verdict was reversed in 1957 in an appeals court. Through conversations with Reverend Paris and his niece Abigail Williams and several other girls we soon discover that the girls, has heard of her good deeds and kindness. John Proctor is different because he has the audacity to question godly authority. A difference in status between the townspeople and the Court. A difference in ages between John Proctor and Abigail Williams. In any case, Elizabeth Proctor. In result, he is a good. It tells a true tale about a town, and be at the mercy of those with whom they held a grudge, with fear being the primary one. The leaders in Salem banked heavily on the fact that the pursuit of only one moral end, they were different, that they did not capitulate like so many others.

He wrote the crucible in 1953 during the McCarthy period when Americans were accusing each other of pro-communist beliefs. Ill not give my wife to vengeance.

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Discuss how your chosen character either fuels or calms the hysteria of Salem during 1692. Please use direct references to substantiate your view.

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